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  • R I S E

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    In recent contemplation's of my own experience of ups and downs and the ever changing nature of being I was called to make a piece that both calls me to...
  • Fundraiser Draw for Standing Rock

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    I was recently inspired to make this piece called ‘I stand for all things sacred’ after watching some of the footage at Standing Rock. I found myself in tears. Not...
  • the storm ~ written in Bali a few months ago

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    Even in the pouring rain the beauty here is astounding. Or perhaps it is a reflection of my inner world as I feel, at last, my heart beating it's way...
  • Climbing Inside

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    Climbing inside. How do we stop looking forward into our future lives as having more time or the right ingredients to feel that we are finally living our creative lives?...
  • An essay on reciprocity

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    This essay was originally written In September of 2014. I am still learning from these words. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to live in reciprocity; being...
  • blossoming

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    As the rain thunders down around us here in the Pacific Northwest Coast, we are unequivocally reminded, that spring is upon us.

    Beyond the pale grey that consumes the sky and air there are flowers popping their brave little faces out of the previously frozen ground.

    I am tempted to speak about the determination of life, but there is something else that comes to mind, and that is ease ~ What if life does not need determination, except in certain instances. I am thinking that perhaps the appearance of life in spring shows it’s self as a piece of a great turning wheel. It has no determination, it just is… Turning and becoming and becoming again.

    These pieces are a recognition of life rising in us ~ just because it wants to... not because we must muster or force it. We must only feel the warmth above the ground and lean into it.

    A flower shows it’s self to the world because it simply must become what it is.

    Despite being broken or bruised we bloom again, and again and again.

    And so these pieces are to be worn over the beating rhythm in our chest as a reminder to bloom into life.

    By the strength of our bones we can open to the world and show the incredible beauty that is our heart.


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  • acceptancce

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    Acceptance is the key that unlocks the possibility for a shift and places us on the threshold of transformation. When we can hold our present moment in the palm of...
  • Reclamation

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    There comes a point in every artists life when we take an honest look at our work and decide it's time to step it up a notch. To be more...
  • The transformation

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    I am coming up on my 11 year anniversary in May.
    It’s been an 11 year journey of designing, making and selling my jewellery….And of course there have been many other journeys along the way.
    On this anniversary I will be completing a very important transformation.
    In my own life I see that times of transformation always takes longer than I think… as if entering a doorway and leaving it is a journey unto it’s self.
    I entered that doorway here, if indeed these journeys have some sort of beginning at all except at the very beginning. The first time I went to Burning man I was also in the middle of a huge life change. I had just packed up my apartment in Vancouver, and all my belongings were in a shed in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, where I planned to make my home. The country had been calling for too long and it was time to make that dream a reality. So I left my friends, community, and clients and stepped into an unknown life.
    But before that I went to Burning man.
    In this place of ‘in between’, the veils of illusion are slightly thinner than usual and sometimes we are open to walking through doorways we might not have seen before. It’s a long story, but to sum it up, when I was in the desert things become clear to me in a new way. I had new direction and I started walking down a spiritual path that has since led me to where I am today.
    I had earlier written a long piece about what transformation means and why allowing for the death and life cycle in all of our lives in so important, but what is the point of saying all of that without the meat and bones of the real story.
    You see, I am actually a bit of a private person (much to the surprise of many who know me) and a spiritual journey is about at personal as it gets.
     With my heart on my sleeve…..I continue. While in the dessert I stumbled upon a tent where they were giving people their playa name ( a name that you get given while at Burning man that perhaps represents, a freer, more expressed and true version of yourself). I honestly thought that this would be a fun and silly thing to do and so I laid down my bike and went it. I sat with two lovely women for a good half hour as they asked my questions about my life. I found myself sharing all sorts of things as the words just tumbled out of my mouth. After some time the women went away to talk about it amongst them selves. When they returned, they each held one of my hands and looked in my eyes and told me that my name was Phoenix. Much to my surprise I burst into tears, as sometimes we do, when we hear some piece of truth that has been waiting for such a long time for us to notice… it cuts straight to our core and we find ourselves on our knees in gratitude.
    I don’t fully know why I had this reaction, which is ok… some things are just beyond the mind’s understanding and require our trust.
    The three years that have passed while in this ‘doorway’ are nothing less than a wild ride that included moving 5 times, meeting the love of my life, becoming a step mom, creating new and soulful friendships, another trip to burning man, countless tears, unbounded joy, a lot of hard work on truly changing how I live with myself and others, a lot of work creating and selling hundreds of pieces of jewellery, countless moments of reward for what I do, ten thousand and more things to be grateful for, and all the other beautiful messes that a life contains.
    3 years later in a forest on Saltspring Island the name came to me again as I journeyed inward looking for answers. I walked out of the woods with that name, new, again.
     The conclusion of this story is that I have taken Phoenix as my middle name. I find it interesting to be faced with my own judgment about this, as I have judged others before me about changing their name (ooops, sorry).
    And so, in this 11th hour I find myself on the other side of the doorway I walked through just over 3 years ago. On this side, I’m not sure where things lead, but now I have enough trust to guide me through the darkness of the unknown… and that feels like a greater blessing than thinking that I know what lies ahead.
    And so it is in this name Jessie Phoenix that I adopt for myself and my work that I practice laying down judgment and other pieces of useless baggage, to just simply be who I am.
    It is my hope (actually beyond hope, as the truth of this resides very deep in me) that owning this name in my life and in my work is a practice that comes to life everyday. A practice that requires letting go and being new.
    As an artist my work is a reflection of me – sometimes it feels that it is even a piece of me, and so I will let the future tell the story of what this transformation truly is.


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