Climbing Inside

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Climbing inside.

How do we stop looking forward into our future lives as having more time or the right ingredients to feel that we are finally living our creative lives?

We climb inside the life we have…

We allow every twisty turn to be an invitation to exploration, to curiosity and to feed the well of our human experience from which we will draw upon at any given time. We may be offering the well our sorrow, our pain or our frustration ~ and as long as we are allowing and not wallowing we are giving our selves the gift of authentic residence in our own lives.


Living a creative life doesn’t mean that we are creating a piece of art every day. It means that we are actively engaged in the process of creating the life that is unfolding before and within us.

We are stepping into the role of alchemist and turning the raw materials of circumstance into gold. The gold may not be where we expect it- it probably won’t be, but it is always somewhere. And finding that gold has no written timeline. In can happen instantly or months or years from the storm that shows up and blows our lives seemingly off course.


If we shake down this word creativity to it bare bones it shows us that we are simply the creators of our own lives. This is what I am interested in… not how many things you can make, though I believe that has a beautiful place among all of this living.


We must remember that we are creative so that we can remember that we are creating our lives in every moment.


Open this doorway into knowing that you are creative.

You are creation.

Climb inside what your life offers you and reside within it, own it and when the time is right celebrate it.

Be creation knowing itself.

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  • Danielle: May 25, 2016

    deep breath. thank you for your words Jessie.

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