the storm ~ written in Bali a few months ago

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Even in the pouring rain the beauty here is astounding.
Or perhaps it is a reflection of my inner world as I feel, at last, my heart beating it's way back into the fullness of living.

There is thunder too. An echo of the rumble that is growing in me saying: Live. Live. Live, to the fullest of who I am. Rumble and growl and announce yourself to the world. Hear your heart's voice echo off the hillsides!

Or be as quiet as the rain drops landing in rippling pools - who also offer their subtle influence~ just as important as the loud thunder above.

At night there are flashes of lightening. Like the pulses that rise in me - ready again, after the sorrow passes, to shed light on the way forward.
Offering moments of clear sight as to what lies ahead.

Listen. Be awake. Be alive in each moment
And remember that YOU were once these hills and rain drops and thunder.
You can adopt their voices like they are your own.
You can fit yourself into their language and find your voice once again
In the storm.


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