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Jessie Phoenix Jewellery
is closing the studio doors

Sometimes we feel a great shift, a turn of the wheel so unmistakable that we release what ever it was we were holding onto and leap... we leap IN. Further into life, into ourselves and into our calling. I have arrived at one of those moments. ⠀
20 years is a long career these days. I made mistakes, I even have a few regrets and I also embrace all of that lovingly as the chapter of my life in which I was a jewellery artist. The remaining stock i have will be released collection by collection until it's all gone.

When I started the path of  Folk Medicine (shamanic) healing it was to tend to myself. When I started offering those skills to others it was with caution and reverence. And the medicine kept leading me deeper, kept showing me healing, for myself and others. ⠀

When I started on the path of somatic counseling it was to just have a few more skills in the toolbox. But once again the power of that work pulled me in, asked for my attention and my service to it. ⠀

I didn’t think I was on the path to changing my career but it turns out I was. And so I find myself on a threshold, and I am leaning in... I’m leaning in to what feels the most alive, the most exciting, the most in service. ⠀

I am saying goodbye to being a jewellery artist and welcoming the new chapter of facilitating healing and transformation for others. As well as a special new offering called Little Rituals. This is a collaboration with a dear friend of heartfelt soulful offerings.

I have immense gratitude for all the things I have learned on the path of a full time self supporting artist. And gratitude for so many things - especially for you ... every one of you with encouraging words, love for my work, and for purchasing my work. ⠀

Even though this clarity was unexpected I will not take it for granted, for clarity in today’s crazy hazy world is not something to ignore. I don’t know fully what this transition will look like except that I won’t abandon my studio completely...I will show up for love and the need for these hands and this heart to create.
The offerings will be few and very special. ⠀

With an over flowing heart of gratitude for you and your support over many years I thank you.


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