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I was recently inspired to make this piece called ‘I stand for all things sacred’ after watching some of the footage at Standing Rock.

I found myself in tears. Not only tears of sadness and anger but also because I was very moved by the courage of the people standing up to protect the land and water.

In the state of North Dakota the indigenous people as well as their supporters are facing the Dakota Access Pipeline Project who is attempting to build an oil pipeline through Sioux territory. The peaceful protestors have been met with extreme hostility and human rights violations.
I’m not sure how closely related feeling personally overwhelmed and the general apathy of our society are – but I’m guessing they are cousins at the least. In last year I’ve learned a lot of lessons about anger and the most valuable thing that I learned was that the energy of anger is best used to energize us into action.
One of the beauties of a movement like this is that it inspires us to speak and create through whatever ways feels accessible and powerful to us individually~ through our art, our words, our organizations….
To me this movement and this moment in time is not only about Standing Rock, which is so important in itself, but also about awakening in us all the importance of protecting nature, the very thing that sustains all life.
I hope that in these intense days where darkness is rising to the surface, a spark will be lit from the anger many of us feel and it will feed the fire that burns in the heart of justice – for the land and for the people.
I believe that the energy of objects, imbued with meaning, emanate outward and inward. Just as the world around requires our reverence, so does our inner landscape of thoughts, words, and habits. By recognizing and embodying these ways of being we create a more sustained shift in ourselves, and the world.
Thank you.


step 1
Make a donation to the fundraising efforts.
Every $10 will get you one entry and every $20 will get you 3 entries
Legal, sanitary and emergency funds:
step 2
To enter, forward a copy of your donation receipt to
step 3
Share with your community on social media
*One entry will be chosen at random on Nov 28th, 2016*


Film and photo's by Scott Bell Visuals
Music by Ars Sonor - The Subdued Inferno [ - Creative Commons BY 4.0]


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