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As the rain thunders down around us here in the Pacific Northwest Coast, we are unequivocally reminded, that spring is upon us.

Beyond the pale grey that consumes the sky and air there are flowers popping their brave little faces out of the previously frozen ground.

I am tempted to speak about the determination of life, but there is something else that comes to mind, and that is ease ~ What if life does not need determination, except in certain instances. I am thinking that perhaps the appearance of life in spring shows it’s self as a piece of a great turning wheel. It has no determination, it just is… Turning and becoming and becoming again.

These pieces are a recognition of life rising in us ~ just because it wants to... not because we must muster or force it. We must only feel the warmth above the ground and lean into it.

A flower shows it’s self to the world because it simply must become what it is.

Despite being broken or bruised we bloom again, and again and again.

And so these pieces are to be worn over the beating rhythm in our chest as a reminder to bloom into life.

By the strength of our bones we can open to the world and show the incredible beauty that is our heart.


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