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The Afterlife collection; an exploration of life, death, grief and love. Handmade Limited edition and one of a kind pieces.

The truth is the last 4 years have been hard. Some of the most difficult I’ve endured. My heart has found a kind of wholeness through many breaks. I also dedicated myself to a project of creating a home and studio from buildings that needed an almost impossible amount of TLC. I went back to school to study somatic psychotherapy. Two amazing women in my life died. And finally I faced health issues this fall and winter that put me out of commission for many long weeks and struggling deeply for months. That’s the truth. While I waver about how much to share and how much to keep private, I am reminded that the thing about grief is that it needs company. In fact, it calls us to each other.


What I’ve also learned is that deep in the aftermath of grief, endings and death, is a new form. A wholeness that may feel abstract at first, but like a seed, carries the strength, resilience, and wildness of a new bloom. To say that I’m ready for that kind of Spring is an understatement.


We prefer for life to present its truth in singularities, despite the fact that truth is more often nuanced and prefers to live in the paradox. Life and death are inextricably linked, though culturally, we pack them into separate boxes. But we can’t live into one without living into the other. The perfection of the seasons and the rhythm of day and night are always trying to show us this dual unity… without one there is no other. It seems too much to hold but perhaps all we have to do it to stop trying to hold it at all, and let it, for one moment, hold us.


At its very core, The Afterlife Collection is about living with presence.
The kind of presence that does not look away from love, or grief, from endings, or ultimately, from the fullness of life. The kind of presence that knows that life and death are inextricably linked. The kind of presence that withstands the paradox. The kind of presence that says yes to the mystery of Life, Death, and all the beginnings and endings that happen in between.


This collection is an offering made from deep love and many ashes. From new life and shedding skin. From the hands of holding on and the heart of letting go. May it honour your journey and keep you company along the way.

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