copper RISE feather

$130.00 CAD

RISE - A handmade series that honors of our ability to rise, to meet the world, to meet opposition, to meet love, and to meet ourselves were ever we may be.

R I S E and shine. It is time. Calling all those who put their hands and hearts into action everyday.
N O W is the time.
Y O U are needed.  
All healers and truth tellers, All earth and water protectors, all of those willing to stand in the flawed political system and fight for what is right and good for all people and the earth we live on. Calling all farmers who grow without chemicals and feed us from our own communities. Calling all parents dedicated to raising loving, compassionate, communicative human beings.   
Calling all artists and poets who show us the truth in new ways. Calling everyone to rise and meet ourselves with patients and compassion....and to meet our communities with the same.
Calling us all to rise.

Made with Copper and sterling silver. feather is 5" long (12cm) on a chain that currently 30" but can be shortened if you like.

One side is shiny polished copper and the other is red flame patina.

Copper is the great conducting metal - helping us move what has been stagnant in mind, body or emotions, therefor offering us the healing of letting things come and go in the most unconstrained and aligned ways.


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