Held- custom piece

$210.00 CAD

You, dear one, will get to choose the elements of your HELD piece. Be it cedar, flower or bud, you choose. I can't wait to work with you.

Approximate 3 week wait time.

This is a small one of a kind collection of handmade jewelry created as a prayer in gratitude and an incantation.
I see each of these pieces as a little basket - reminding us of our ability to hold and to be held, and the beauty that blooms from that experience.

A while back I was reflecting on the true nature of friendship and the image of a basket came to me. To ensure the strength of the basket each strand must both hold and be held. As we take turns falling apart and holding each other up, and holding or leaning in, we create a basket that can hold so much more life, love and pain within it.

By embracing the offerings of those I love and trust I am nourished so that I may offer it in return. In this way I am held. By receiving and also by the joy of giving.

This collection is both a recognition and an incantation.
It is a small piece of prayer in gratitude and request.
To be held in a loved ones arms
by the forest around you
by a sunrise
by a moment
and to allow it in
to let your skin drink it in
and feel your heart hum in thanks.


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