Sacred Sovereignty Sword

$210.00 CAD

Hand crafted in sterling silver. On a chain length of your choosing up to 30".

*the original of this necklace is now sold. 2 subsequent orders are available with a 1.5 month wait time* thank you! 😌🙏

This sword is the guide to your discernment and returns you to center – back to your natural right of sovereignty.

Her metal rings in the song of soul, spirit and mystery.

Her blade cuts sharply through illusion and guides with true sight.

Sovereign is the land who rules herself. YOU ARE HOLY GROUND.

This sword is a Fuck yes or a Holy no.

She knows what I not important and what is.

She knows what is essential.

This sword will guide your way – from the center of yourself to your truest calling.

She is the reminder that you are the sword… you know the way, and you have the courage to follow that path.

You will be shown when to kneel with your sword before you. Guided by humility. Ready to give up what you thought you needed for what your soul is singing for. Yearning for.

We need this calling, as noble knights willing to serve and protect, to defend the deepest truth, Her own body and the body of the earth.

She is guided by the feminine grace of the silver moon.

She is sovereign as are you.

She is the guide on your quest of which road to choose – this way, or that.

Begin now…

You don’t need a queen to knight you – you are the fucking queen.



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