The Living Wheel Calendar - 24" x 24" laminated

$42.00 CAD

Reclaiming time as an act of creative sovereignty.

This yearly wheel is an invitation to return to relating to time in cycles rather than lines and boxes. It is a welcoming platform for dreaming, and planning - A way to zoom out and see your year and zoom in on what's important.

Plug in projects and time for rest. Adventure time, inspiration time and get down to hard work time. Seed planting time, nurture time and harvest time.

A great tool for creative entrepreneurs, families, retreat and learning centers, and gardeners. And for anyone who wants to reclaim the way they think about time.

This version can be written on and erased with dry erase pens. Just like on a white board leaving pen in place for long periods of time can leave 'ghost marks' which can be removed with rubbing alcohol.



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