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Life is immense. The range of experiences we encounter— the trials that we endure— are both collective and personal. While some of what touches us will inspire and empower, other things will block and hinder. Finding our way through difficult times often requires us to forge a new and unfamiliar path; to cultivate our capacity to meet the unknown with curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

Somatic therapy is a style of counselling that skillfully integrates body awareness, neuroscience, attachment theory, and an understanding of the nervous system to support growth and change. Compatible with any life issue or challenge, the strength of somatic therapy lies in its ability to access information, insight, perspective, and healing directly from the body; to contact the wisdom and awareness that is often hidden from the conscious mind. It is an approach that creates change as a felt experience rather than just a cognitive one. This allows for embodied learning, which in turn, encourages a greater potential for sustainable change and stability.

Jessie approaches the therapeutic relationship as one that is both creative and collaborative. She strives to understand her client’s worldview, learning style, and strengths to better support their process. Receptive and attuned, she naturally encourages safety and trust so that new ideas and ways of being can be explored. In addition to being a certified RTC (Registered Theraputic Counsellor), Jessie is also a shamanic practitioner. For clients who request an integrative session, Jessie thoughtfully weaves shamanic practices and tools with somatic therapy, as a way to deepen and fortify her client’s inner experience. Acknowledging the dynamic needs of each person, Jessie supports individuals looking for simple, every day tools to regulate the nervous system, as well as those who are seeking greater depth in their self-inquiry and healing, or need grounded support in times of upheaval and uncertainty.

Testimonial: "Working with Jessie is a revelation. For years now I’ve gone to different therapists, looking for someone to guide and support me through the difficult healing terrain I knew I needed to walk through. I valued my time with each of them but never felt like I could go deep enough, or find the sort of change I was looking for in our work together. Then I met Jessie, and finally, I have someone who can provide the kind of wisdom, practices and encouragement necessary for a process of learning and growth that is truly transformative. The space Jessie holds allows me to show up as my whole self, in both my struggles and strength, and engages me in body, mind, heart and spirit. For me, this has been a path towards real resilience. I am so grateful for the profound reminders, insights and practical tools Jessie is helping me to find and ground my life in."








                                                                                                                                   * Currently my practice is full* contact me for February wait list.*
There are times in life—some chosen or predictable and others that are beyond our control—that bring us to our edge. Times that require us to navigate new and unfamiliar terrain and times that push us to examine our relationships: with self, others, and the natural world.

The work of the Folk Medicine practitioner ( one who might also be referred to as a Shamanic Practitioner) is that of assistance; through contact with seen and unseen allies, energies, and other mediums, a practitioner can help you bring your relationships into harmony using simple practices. As a healing modality, folk medicine assists us in doing the deep, dark, and noble work of integrating life changes and mending mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds... just as it has for thousands of years.

My work as a folk medicine practitioner is to help you engage with your lived experience in a way that illuminates both your strengths and your challenges, aka your unique medicine & mojo. I provide individualized tools that can help you dissolve unhelpful patterns, build your spiritual autonomy, and support you to live a deeply embodied and meaningful life.

My practice is diverse, with a special interest in helping people process transformational events, including the integration or preparation for ceremonial experiences. Offering perspective and direction towards living an enlivened creative life is also a treasured part of my vocation.

I have completed three years of apprenticeship in the Folk Medicine Ways (previously referred to as shamanic arts) as well as advanced practitioner training, and I continue to study and deepen my connection with the work, both personally and professionally. I extend immeasurable gratitude to my primary teacher, Angela Prider, Holder of the 7 Threads Folk Medicine Lineage, for her wise and steadfast guidance and encouragement. In addition to my training, my life- long interest in counseling, Jungian psychology and the creative process also textures the way that I work.

I approach spiritual work from a place of creativity, integrity and holy reverence and I look forward to finding the best possible way to work with you.




~ Support in awakening your creative Self.

~ Gathering tools to support living a whole and contented life.

~ Animal Ally retrieval for your self or your child.

 ~Soul retrieval.

~ Support for integrating plant medicine ceremonies weaving your experience into daily life to bring the wisdom alive.

~ Tools and support for navigating intense experiences and trauma.

~ Tools and support in addressing and navigating unwanted re-occurring life patterns.

~ Clearings for your home.





"Jessie wields a medicine that is gentle and steady, vast and generous.  Through working with her, areas of my life that were previously difficult for me to access have been illuminated.  She has skillfully helped me to meet and utilize both my gifts and my challenges, and has been a powerful ally in my desire for healing and change. She offers a deep, authentic, and abiding presence as well as supportive tools that have not only been useful to me, but have become cornerstones in my own spiritual practice."



"I wasn't sure what to expect with the shamanic work that Jessie does,  as I haven't had a lot of experience with that type of practice. I was amazed at how clear,  precise and relevant her messages were for me. It was a distance reading and it was obvious that the physical location didn't make the journey any less powerful. The information that came through was extremely helpful and as I've implemented the suggestions my life has improved noticeably .
Having the session recorded is also very helpful because there was so much information to absorb. I have listened to it a few times and it continues to provide valuable insights.
I am glad to know that Jessie is available to offer so much wisdom, for those times in life when a higher perspective is called for."



"When was diagnosed with colorectal cancer when i was 32 it shook me to my foundation. the guidance and care that Jessie offered me was a light through many a dark night. She helped to to connect with some integral parts of myself that needed healing. Her wonderful use of language and understanding nature continues to inspire me as I flower into an even fuller and more balanced life"



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