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Jessie Phoenix Shamanic

There are times in life—some chosen or predictable and others that are beyond our control—that bring us to our edge. Times that require us to navigate new and unfamiliar terrain and times that push us to examine our relationships: with self, others, and the natural world.

The work of the shamanic practitioner is that of assistance; through contact with seen and unseen allies, energies, and other mediums, a practitioner can help you bring your relationships into harmony using simple practices. As a healing modality, shamanism assists us in doing the deep, dark, and noble work of integrating life changes and mending mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

My work as a shamanic practitioner is to help you engage with your lived experience in a way that illuminates both your strengths and your challenges, aka your unique medicine & mojo. I provide individualized tools that can help you dissolve unhelpful patterns, build your spiritual autonomy, and support you to live a deeply embodied and meaningful life.

My practice is diverse, with a special interest in helping people process transformational events, including the integration of ceremonial experiences. Offering perspective and direction towards living an enlivened creative life is also a treasured part of my vocation.

I have completed three years of apprenticeship in the shamanic arts and I continue to study and deepen my connection with the work, both personally and professionally. I extend immeasurable gratitude to my primary teacher, Angela Prider, Holder of the White Bone Shamanic Lineage, for her wise and steadfast guidance and encouragement. In addition to my training, my life- long interest in counseling, Jungian psychology and the creative process also textures the way that I work.

I approach shamanic work from a place of creativity, integrity and holy reverence and I look forward to finding the best possible way to work with you.


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