Amulet of Artemis ~ bones necklace

$148.00 CAD

This collection is about embracing all it.

Down to your bones.

Every tear, every moment of joy.

Facing fear and walking forward, awake...

because we are strong enough.

It's in our bones.


Artemis is both the protector of birth and the great huntress. She is beholden to no one and lives in her true wild nature. She defends the innocent and hunts with her bow and arrow, which always aims true. She is both the life and death bringer, ever walking the cycles. She is wild and free ~ as is your heart, should you choose to follow it.

These necklaces are made with sterling silver and the tip of a deer antler.

Artemis is often seen walking with her deer family. Their antlers falling every year representing the cycles as they continue ever onward.

This piece will bring you strength to embrace your own personal wild nature, as well as the fortitude to stay on your path with your people.

The chain with this piece comes at either 16, 18, 20, or 30 inches long - please make a note at purchase.


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