create bracelet

$51.48 CAD $78.00 CAD

A touchstone to remember to be creative in all that we do. Whether it be in our art, our families, our home, our cooking~ find where your creative spirit flourishes and go there often!

This image is of both sides of the piece. You get one bracelet with the word on one side and the design on the other side.

Available sizes:

Small: 2, 3/8"
Medium: 2 5/8", 2 3/4",
Large: 2 7/8"

Each piece in the Echo Collection is a reminder of what we are practicing in order to further enrich our lives. As we see or feel the piece through out the day it is a touchstone… to be courageous, or even simply to take a deep breath. The power of each word is put into practice, aligning our beliefs and desires with the actions we take.

To celebrate, to breathe, to be courageous, to love, allowing vulnerability, to dance, to have balance, and to create… these are all important things that I, for one, try to remember.


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