gold heart with patina wings necklace

A handmade necklace featuring a silver and gold heart centred between sterling silver wings on a sterling silver chain. The silver wings have been darkened with a black patina to accent the handmade details.

$290.00 CAD

The heart and wings are cast in sterling silver and soldered together. The wings and edge of the heart are polished to a high shine, the details of the wings are darkened with a black patina, and the textured centre of the heart is accented with gold leaf.

The wingspan of the pendant measures 3.5" (9 cm) and the total length of the necklace is approximately 17" (43 cm).

A heart in flight is an open and light heart - free of weight and suppression. A heart with wings is open to possibilities and the many directions before it. It's a heart that knows it's true direction and goes there.


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