Inanna's courage

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Inanna’s courage

This piece is dedicated to all the brave souls in my life and beyond that have the courage to look at the darkness in their life to  become whole and be able to stand fully in their light.

Inanna, queen of the heavens, chose to descend into the underworld and face her own death and shadow to be whole in experiencing the life death cycle, reminding us to do the same in our own lives. To let go of what is asking to die and nurture what is asking to be born.

It is not through loving the best part of ourselves that we become whole ~ it is through looking at the dark parts, the wounded parts the ugly parts and then shining our hearts light upon them that we can accept them, release them, and be whole.

The feather has been used as a symbol in mythologies for weighing the purity of ones soul and heart (see Osiris’ feather). As we move through our own human journeys I believe that if we have the courage to look into the dark depths and walk awake into the underworld we may judge ourselves to be pure and lovable,  be born again in wholeness in our humble place amongst all of natures creatures.

It is not without an immense amount of courage and strength that is this possible ~ to look at ones flaws, shortcomings, mistakes…and to choose it all,  love it all, use it to grow, and to take flight again.


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