little moon disc rain earrings

little moon disc round earrings

$58.00 CAD

These little sterling silver beauties measure 19mm o r 3/4 of an inch across, a flash of moon and rain light for your lobes. Hammered with love and care to reflect the mood of rain on a window... that beautiful flow and blur of the world passing by when we are safe and warm behind our favorite window.

The patterns reflect many textures that we find all around us in nature and in our own creations. Instead of looking past these subtle indications of beauty, I have emphasized them, creating jewellery that brings brightness to the wearer, catching light with it’s hammered marks.

 Reflections, ripples or raindrops on the water’s surface, craters of the moon, tall grass and rain on a window.

 Texture is the thread, both course and fine, that we weave through our lives; It is the ripples and dents that leave their mark and reflect back to us who we are.



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