Little Morigain

Little Morigain

$158.00 CAD

Mórrígan is an old Irish goddess- one who was said would usher in death but like so many of these powerful deities of endings she also was a steward for birth. I think she may have carried something like this with her. A staff, a bone, a stone. Feel the power of being the steward of your own life.

 Chain length will be custom to your desired length.

The Afterlife Collection: an exploration of Life, Death, Grief, and Love. A gathering of talismans for living well, loving well, and letting go.

What we find in the aftermath of grief, endings and death, is a new form. A wholeness that may feel abstract at first, but like a seed, carries the strength, resilience, and wildness of a new bloom.

At its very core, The Afterlife Collection is about living with presence.
The kind of presence that does not look away from love, or grief, from endings, or ultimately, from the fullness of life. The kind of presence that knows that life and death are inextricably linked. The kind of presence that withstands the paradox. The kind of presence that says yes to the mystery of Life, Death, and all the beginnings and endings that happen in between.

This collection is an offering made from deep love and many ashes. From new life and shedding skin. From the hands of holding on and the heart of letting go. May it honour your journey and keep you company along the way.


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