remembering wildness necklace

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A piece in honour of wildness.

A remembering that we too, are made of the stuff of the earth....stone like bone and metal like courage.

In fall we watch the trees shed their leaves and the flowers release their petals, without fear they let them drop - they shed those old fleshy bits- patiently awaiting the new growth which will emerge in the seasons to come.

Can we be so brave to remember that we too are wild, we are always letting go, not yet knowing how we will emerge anew?

These days we are drawn to come back to routines and indoors after summer adventures but can we also remember that we are reckless like a mountain stream, simply tumbling down the path of least resistance....because the the not knowing is ok.

The not knowing is the nature of being.


Made with sterling silver, 24k gold, quartz crystal and love.


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