Sacred bird with quartz

$72.00 CAD

Part of the sacred series - a bird to uplift our spirits and bolster our energy to carry light and love where it is most needed.

Made with sterling silver, much love and a quartz crystal point.

The bird measures 1", with the crystal the pendant is 2 7/8" (7.2cm)

This series is about awakening in us all the importance of protecting nature, the very thing that sustains all life.

I believe that the energy of objects imbued with meaning emanate outward and inward. Just as the world around us requires our reverence, so does our inner landscape of thoughts, words, and habits. By recognizing and embodying these ways of being we create a more sustained shift in ourselves, and the world.

This series was born from a project you can read about here.

20% of the sale price of these pieces will be donated to a cause that protects the natural world or human rights.


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